This page lists town-by-town notes on the availability of vegan food along the Appalachian Trail. There are comments on resupply options as well as restaurants and anything else we feel is important to mention.

Most of the data on this page is as of 2009, when Samwise and Linus Cloudbuster independently thru-hiked. If you are vegan and have anything at all to contribute to this resource please let us know! Some ideas: recently opened vegan restaurants, new grocery stores, anything new, old, up-to-date, out-of-date, spots that are super vegan friendly (or not…)

Oriented Northbound, cause that’s what we did.

Trail towns along the Appalachian Trail

Resupply options and general eating in town

  • Springer Mountain Visitor Center, GA:
  • Neel’s Gap, GA: Poor Short Term Resupply
    • Outdoor Center with gear store and tiny resupply. Vegan options included peanut butter and bagels. Some snacks available. Best to carry some extra dinners from Springer. Free coffee. -Samwise
    • Bagels (stale), p&b, clif bars. This is a great hiker box, I bought a few items from the outfitter at a inflated price, only to find them in the hiker box later. Check the box first! –L.C.
  • Hiawassee, GA: Long Term Resupply
    • Nice supermarket with natural food section. Had couscous and beans. –Samwise
    • I did not resupply here, but the Hiawassee Inn has a hiker box outside the office. –L.C.
  • Franklin, NC: Long Term Resupply
    • The IGA has your standard fare, but no vegan/health section, but you can get what you need here. –L.C.
    • The yearly Franklin Hiker Bash is NOT vegan friendly, and to access the grounds (and other hikers) you have to pay, which was terribly upsetting. The food consisted of lots of barbecue and mayo laden salads, I ended up eating potato chip sandwiches to feel like I got my money’s worth. -L.C.
  • Natahala Outdoor Center: Short Term Resupply
    • Little to no supply, unless you go to Bryson, I had a box sent in. The restaurant had a vegan burger that was bland, and the service was poor. –L.C.
  • Fontana Dam, NC: Short Term Resupply
    • Resupply is a camp/resort store. Not many vegan options. On my hike I had a box shipped here. Picked up peanut butter and tortillas at the shop. -Samwise
    • Little to no resupply, Like Samwise said, get a box shipped here. You will be going through the Smokies, and you next resupply will be at Standing Bear or Hot Springs. You can resupply in Gatlinburg, and the supermarket I went to had a nice vegan section including Tofurkey and vegan ice-cream. -L.C.
  • Standing Bear Farm Hiker Hostel, NC: Short term resupply
    • Tortillas and P&B, some small snacks, also had dehydrated beans. Decent Hiker Box -L.C.
  • Hot Springs, NC: Long Term Resupply
    • Outfitter is also a natural food store. Decently stocked with dehydrated beans, some vegan liptons, couscous, and vegan ice cream! The Dollar General had cheap cereal and peanut butter. -Samwise
    • This is a great little town! Like Samwise mentioned the outfitter is also a natural food store with a good selection of non-perishables, but they lacked a good produce section. There was no fresh market that had a good selection of fruits and vegetables, so you will have to get by without them. -L.C.
    • Elmer’s Hall hostel which offers vegetarian meals, and has a hiker box. I did not stay at the hostel, so I can not say how vegan friendly it was. You should call ahead and get on the wait list if you want to stay, I found Elmer to have a poor attitude, so I did not stay here. -L.C.
  • Erwin, TN: Long Term Resupply
    • Few options in this town, the IGA’s had very poor produce, but you can get by. There is a decent Chinese restaurant in town. The Dollar General has some cheap meals like Zatarans, and cookies (Clover Valley) that surprisingly don’t have egg or milk products. -L.C.
  • Kincora Hostel: Potental Long Term Resupply
    • I had a box shipped here. Bob Peoples is wonderful and gives a free shuttle to the grocery store. There is a hiker kitchen here. We made a huge vegan dinner with pasta and veggies. Grocery store was very small. -Samwise
    • I got a ride with Bob and resupplied in town, stay away from the IGA Groceries, the Ingles had a better selection. Make use of hostel’s kitchen, as many Hostel’s do not offer cooking facilities. -L.C.
    • Baltimore Jack cooked up a meal for hikers when I was at Kincora, Jack went out of the way to make sure I had something to eat, so give him a big vegan hug. -L.C.
  • Damascus, VA: Long Term Resupply
    • Big, well stocked supermarket. Natural food section. Good resupply. -Samwise
    • Dollar General in town, don’t forget thos JJ fruit pies. I resupplied at the Grocery Store. There is a small Organic Restaurant that had good food and a few grocery items, and Fatty’s had a veggie burger, but I believe it was vegetarian, not vegan. -L.C.
  • Marion, VA: Long Term Resupply
    • I resupplied at the Ingles Grocery in town, BEWARE! The hitch into town isn’t bad, but getting back to the trail head will prove to be difficult, it is not a straight shot. If you can wave down Gonzo or his wife Becky they are great people, Becky used to be Vegan, and they cooked one amazing meal. -L.C.
  • Bland, VA: Long Term Resupply
    • The IGA is a small town grocery with little produce. You can resupply here, but it is not a supermarket. I hitched south to Trail Days from this town.
  • Pearisburg, VA: Long Term Resupply
    • I resupplied at the Food Lion, which didn’t have a health section, but you can get most of what you need. Go around back and check what is in the Big Green Can. You should do this at all the Food Lion’s… hint hint…..
  • US220 Daleville, VA:
    • Mexican restaurant next to pizza hut had margarita specials. I hitched to Trail Days from here. -Samwise
    • Kroger right by Outdoor Trails (in the complex sort of caticorner to the Mexican restaurant right off the trail). It has a HUGE natural foods section and lots of vegan sushi. I grew up near there. -Margaret (added 5/6/13)
  • Glasgow, VA:
  • Montabello, VA:
    • I walked the 2.5 miles downhill to visit the Dutch Haus which offered a free lunch, and they did cook me up a veggie burger and some veggies (thanks guys), but I did get the “vegans never finish” from the Misses of the house, but I made sure I contacted her when I finished. The general store in town is a short term resupply (P&B, some fruits/veg), but it was the first place I found a Blueberry Ugly!  -L.C.
  • Waynesboro, VA: Long Term Resupply
    • OK supermarket. Huge Chinese buffet with a couple of vegan options (the typical, lo mein, veg fried rice, and some veggies). Mediterranean restaurant had good falafel, decently priced. -Samwise
    • Kroger Supermarket had a decent selection of vegan specialties like soy yogurt . The Chinese Buffet is renowned, be careful, they have a ton of fruit, but make sure you are very clear what is in the food, I ate some tofu contraption that I later found was cooked in chicken broth. -L.C.
  • Loft Mountain Shenandoah Camp Store/Wayside: Short Term Resupply
    • Has P&B, bread, clif/luna bars, and crackers. The Grille does have a Portabello Mushroom Burger. –L.C.
  • Big Meadows Shenandoah Camp Store/Wayside: Short Term Resupply
    • Has P&B, bread, and crackers. The Grille does have a Veggie Burger.  –L.C.
  • Luray, VA: Long Term Resupply-
    • Food Lion has a decent selection, but no health food section. –L.C.
  • Front Royal, VA: Long Term Resupply
    • Many Groceries, but I did not resupply here on my thru hiker, but you should. –L.C.
  • Harpers Ferry, WV:
    • You can catch a bus into town to resupply at the Grocery Store. I did not resupply here. –L.C.
  • PA16 Waynesboro: Long Term Resupply
    • I resupplied at the Food Lion, decent selection. Don’t forget the Can. -L.C.
  • Boiling Springs, PA:
  • Pine Grove Furnace General Store:
    • This is the infamous half gallon challenge, I just passed through, as they didn’t have any vegan ice cream. Samwise was fortunate enough to get some brought in, I would highly recommend this, as I felt severely alienated. –L.C.
    • Rapunzel was getting picked up here. Her dad was nice enough to bring me a half gallon of soy ice cream 🙂  -Samwise
  • Duncannon, PA: Long Term Resupply
    • I resupplied at the Supermarket, no health section. –L.C.
  • Port  Clinton, PA / Hamburg, PA: Long Term Resupply
    • I got picked up here by my partner, so I did not resupply in this town. I did however take another hiker into Hamburg and they were able to resupply at the Supermarket and Dollar General. Don’t go into Cabelas unless you want to be reminded why you are vegan. –L.C.
  • Palmerton, PA:
  • PA 309-Blue Mountain B&B:
    • A nice little restaurant that had a few items that could be made vegan, and they let us camp in the back, a real nice surprise. –L.C.
  • Delaware Water Gap: Short term resupply
    • Not much in this town. Check the hiker box at the hostel. –L.C.
  • Vernon, NJ:
  • Lott Rd/Unionville, NY: Short/Long Term Resupply
    • I resupplied in town at the Horlers Store, the prices were quite high and the selection was thin, this could be made into a Long Term Resupply, but I wouldn’t suggest it. –L.C.
    • The mayor is a character you need to meet, spend at least one night here. Cheap beer and can be vegan friendly. –L.C.
  • Fort Montgomery, NY: Long Term Resupply
    • I resupplied at the Key foods, they have a decent selection, but the prices were outrageous. –L.C.
  • Kent, CT: Long Term Resupply
    • Resupplied at the Price Chopper, a decent selection in the health section, again the prices were high. The Chinese Restaurant was surprisingly good, I would recommend it. –L.C.
  • Great Barrington, MA: Long term resupply
    • Good natural food store had plenty of good options. -Samwise
    • Resupplied at the Price Chopper, decent selection. Good Chinese/Japanese Restaurant. –L.C.
  • Dalton, MA: Long Term Resupply-
    • I got a ride from Tom Levardy and resupplied at the Price Chopper, decent resupply. –L.C.
  • Rt2 / Williamstown, MA:
  • North Adams, MA: Long Term Resupply
    • I resupplied at the Price Chopper, no health food section. –L.C.
  • Manchester Center, VT: Long Term Resupply
    • Good supermarket. There is a tiny natural food store across from EMS as well. -Samwise
    • I resupplied at the Price Chopper. Check the can behind the health food store. –L.C.
  • Bennington, VT: Long Term Resupply
    • The groceries are far outside the town, but a nice town to visit. Check with the outfitter if Chris and Arla are putting up hikers. –L.C.
  • Rutland, VT: Long Term Resupply
    • Big Price Chopper next to Walmart, they had plenty of vegan options. Back Home Again Cafe has good vegan food and maté. -Samwise
    • The Price Chopper had a variety of options. Back Home Again Cafe (highly recommended) has great wholesome food, but be careful I was told the bread was vegan, but later read the label and it had eggs. –L.C.
    • I stayed at the Inn at Long Trail and was well fed.  They have a hummus and veggie platter on the menu and a substantial oatmeal option for breakfast (includes garnish of fresh fruit and side of toast).  I found them to be very welcoming and willing to answer my food ingredient questions. –Vegematic
  • Hanover, NH: Long Term Resupply
    • Hanover Coop is awesome. Everything you could want and more! Plenty of places in town cater to vegans. -Samwise
    • Hanover Coop is a great place to resupply, but it is expensive. I had a box sent in because I had my cold weather gear sent in. Stay away from the Jewel of India Restaurant they had some of the worst service I had on the trail. He literally threw the plate on the table. I got free breadsticks at the Pizza shop, they offer a free slice of pizza, but the tomato sauce has cheese. –L.C.
  • Glencliff, NH: Long Term Resupply
    • I resupplied in town at the Grocery, decent supply, no health food section. Stay with Chet in Lincoln, an amazing guy and a great hiker box(s). –L.C.
    • I had a box here. Grocery store was small. We camped next to the bridge by the trail. -Samwise
  • North Woodstock, NH:
  • Gorham, NH: Short Term Resupply
    • I refuse to shop at Walmart, and the other grocery was closed as of 2009. So I did a short term resupply at the Cumberland Farms and hit up the hiker boxes (I scored some Dulce, yumm). –L.C.
    • I held my breath and did my resupply at Walmart. I also refuse to shop there in every other situation. Classic example of why they are bad: they put the locally owned IGA out of business in 2008. We stayed at the White Birches hiker hostel. It was great, inexpensive. They have a fridge and microwave. Small campstore. -Samwise
  • Route 2 / Bethel, ME:
    • I live in Bethel, ME which is accessible from RT 2 (where most folks go to Gorham, NH) and from Grafton Notch (first road crossing after Mahoosuc Notch if you are NOBO, could be a tough hitch).  It has a lot to offer the vegan hiker.  Lodging could be tricky but there is a youth hostel on RT2 in West Bethel and otherwise a bunch of pricey inns and B&Bs. –Vegematic
    • There is plenty to eat, though.  The small grocery store in town on Main St started carrying a variety of soy products a couple of years ago (tofu, soy milks, processed items), some dried fruit and nut mixes,  So Delicious ice cream (!) and a limited selection of organic produce. Also on Main St. is Cafe DiCocoa which is a small vegetarian cafe and bakery which usually has several vegan options.  You will want to question them carefully, though, as some there think that “just a little dairy” is still vegan.  They almost always have soymilk available for coffee and espresso drinks.  Lastly on Main St is an internet cafe currently called “Mouse-n-Bean” but changing their name to “Isabella’s”. Their food options are slimmer than at Cafe DiCocoa but they always have soymilk available for coffee and tea drinks and they have computers available (small extra charge).  Suds Pub (downstairs of the Sudbury Inn, Main St) has a hearty bean burrito that can be ordered vegan and
      a wide selection of beers. –Vegematic
    • On RT2 just east of Bethel is a small natural foods/gourmet market called The Good Food Store. They can be a bit expensive but in line with other nat. food shops.  They have a small (mostly organic) produce section that often has local produce, tofu,  soymilk, some processed soy products. They have nuts, dried fruits, and various grains either in bulk or in small prepackaged amounts. They have coffee with soy creamer available.  They sell sandwiches year round (11:00 – 18:00) and their regular menu includes two veggie sandwiches and one or two vegetarian sandwiches. They also carry a variety of nut butters and some TastyBite type meals that are vegan. They also have Clif, Luna, and Pro Bars.
    • The Sunday River Brew Pub (RT2/26 east of town) has a hummus and veggie platter, a veggie burger (not vegan) and their own beer.
    • There is a Chinese Restaurant in town but the last time I stopped in (4-5 years ago) all their “vegetarian” dishes included chicken broth, although they said they could simmer in just plain water if requested.  I don’t patronize them but some may be interested.
    • None of the pizza in Bethel is vegan (dairy in the crust).
    • There is an outfitter in Bethel on RT26 just south of town called True North Adventureware. Hitching is pretty easy around Bethel ifyou look like a hiker.
  • Andover, ME: Very Short Term Resupply
    • Little to no resupply, avoid/Drop box if you can. But do get yourself some Moose Dung (aka shit) from the hostel in town. –L.C.
  • Rangeley, ME: Long Term Resupply
    • The grocery has a decent selection, but no health section. –L.C.
  • Stratton, ME: Long Term Resupply
    • Small town grocery with a decent selection. –L.C.
  • Caratunk, ME: Short Term Resupply
    • The general store is very limited, and I mean very limited in selection. Northern Outdoors did have a good veggie burger, I would recommend it. –L.C.
    • Northern Outdoors has good beer they brew themselves. Concur the veggie burger was good. -Samwise
  • Monson, ME: Short Term Resupply
    • I had a box. We hitched to the grocery store in Greenville. No natural food section, but the store was good. -Samwise
    • I couldn’t find anything in town, I ended up hitching to Greenville. Your other option is to have a drop box sent. —L.C.
  • Greenville, ME: Long Term Resupply
    • I would highly suggest resupplying at the Greenville Grocery. I was very surprised at the selection, and it made my trip into the wilderness a blast. -L.C.
  • Katahdin Streams Camp Store: Short Term Resupply
    • This is just a snack stop, you can get some p&b, chips and soda.



last updated 5/6/13: added the Kroger in Daleville


4 responses to “Resupply

  1. Michael Kelly


    Website is great. Wonder if you can offer any advice.

    I am planning to do the John Muir Trail later in the year and taking about 4 weeks. Do you think it is possible to do this without resupplying along the way. I’ve been vegan for 16 years so know the diet well. Just not sure about packing enough calories for the trip.



    • Samwise

      Hi Mike, glad you found the site!

      I have yet to hike the John Muir Trail, so I’m not totally sure what the resupply situation is like. However I can say that carrying four weeks of food would probably be unbearably heavy and not much fun… The general standard thrown around when planning for a hike is to assume approximately two pounds of food per day. How do most people resupply on the JMT? If it’s just small towns you’ll be passing through without large grocery stores, I might recommend sending some resupply boxes to yourself. In my few boxes on the AT I sent myself dinners, gorp, and snacks, (plus some extra things like emergen’c). I knew I’d be able to find breakfast and lunch stuff in any store. It was really nice to get into a small town and know that I had at least some good vegan trail food waiting for me.

      Let me know how it goes! Happy trails,

  2. Michael Kelly


    The JMT is a wilderness trail and wanting to avoid leaving the open spaces until the end. Some advice from Erik the Black on was helpful. A resupply farm only a mile of the trail and still in the wild. I think I was being a little ambitious to be honest. Aimming to do it in Aug/Sept this year. Will set up a blog soon to plot preparation, training etc and will link to you if that is ok.



  3. Joseph Downing

    Mike, Google: “Getaway guide to the John Muir Trail”, it is a great book on thru hiking the JMT. I borrowed from the library but should be cheap to purchase as well. Anyway just resupply as anyone else would but send yourself care packages with vegan vittles.

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