Threshold AT ’09

I thru-hiked the AT flip-flop style, 2009, out of Waynesboro VA.  I’ve been doin’ the vegan thing for about 5 years.

Lesson learned from my ‘flip’ : Do not rely on stores alone, especially in remote locations.  I went into the 100 miles of wilderness with oreos, hydrogenated peanut butter & sugary jelly, convenience store gorp, and oyster crackers.   Gross.
Lesson learned on ‘flop’ : Maildrops are your friend.  So is talking to other experienced veg*n hikers to know where the good re-supplies are.

The main bummer for me was having to turn down so many pancake breakfasts from trail angels.  One of the first things I did when I got home was make a [vegan] chocolate chip pancake breffast,

Two parting words of advice : powdered soymilk .


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