This section is devoted to stories from folks that have done it! That is, people that have hiked long-distance trails and maintained a vegan diet…

The purpose is not to gloat, but to inspire! We did it, and you can too!

If you are vegan and want to share your backpacking story, send it to us here.

Samwise AT 2009 (GA>ME)

Linus Cloudbuster AT 2009 (GA>ME)

Threshold AT 2009 (Flip-flop)


3 responses to “Community

  1. Just started backpacking as a vegan. I was lucky enough to get a great dehydrator practically free and will be using it to prepare most of my food. any suggestions from hikers who’ve done this?

  2. hi there, i just stumbled across this blog, stubbing my toe on the door as i did so, but i’m still glad i did! i just started my blog about vegan hiking in the uk and have added you as a link. my blog is somewhat irreverent and a bit weird (well, i am english!) but i do intend to cover more specifically vegan issues as time goes by. all the best with your blog, steve, england.

    • Samwise

      great I’m glad you found my site! I’m still trying to figure out how to expand it. good luck with yours too! yay for vegan backpackers!

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