The purpose of this blog is to make vegan long-distance backpacking more accessible by providing resources, stories, and inspiration from past vegan hikers.


This site grew out of my experience thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2009 while vegan. While I was planning for my hike I couldn’t find any kind of consolidated resources about staying vegan on a long-distance hike. In fact I came across more than a little misinformation (or disinformation?) about the possibility of maintaining a vegan diet during a thru-hike. Though there are of course extra challenges to vegan hiking, it is more than doable!

I started this site to provide a resource to future vegan hikers looking for ideas and tips from past vegan hikers.

Happy trails! -Samwise


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, feedback, contributions, or anything at all. You can email me at samwise@backpackingvegan.org

vegan half-gallon challenge!

This is me at Pine Grove Furnace State Park, completing my half-gallon challenge of vegan ice cream!

Just a note: all the header photos are by me!

My interview with Sierra Magazine!