More posts coming!


Dear readers,

More posts are coming, promise! I’m so sorry to do this again, explaining away the lack of regular entries…

As I’ve posted before, I am currently a graduate student, and I’m working on my thesis right now. It’s incredibly fun and rewarding but doesn’t leave me much time for writing posts or hiking… Ugh, sorry everyone.

That being said, I am still committed to this blog and you can definitely expect more from me soon, especially in the summer!

I started this site out of frustration with the lack of vegan resources for serious hikers. When I was preparing for my thru-hike, I was seriously considering how ready I would be to compromise my vegan diet because I couldn’t find anything reliable online from past vegan hikers. I started this site to provide help and inspiration to vegans who love hiking! Anyone can stay vegan on a long hike and be just as happy, healthy, and successful as our meat and dairy-eating friends. All it takes is a little creativity and a bit more planning.

This blog is fast approaching 100,000 total page views, which blows my mind. Readers are based all around the world, from places like the U.S., Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Costa Rica, South Africa, Egypt, and many many others. I think that this is testament to both the spread of veganism and the global interest in vegan hiking. This began as a personal reflection on my experiences, and it’s turned into something much bigger! What an exciting journey!

Thanks to all of my past readers who’ve stuck with me over the years, and welcome to new visitors! I truly hope that this blog is a helpful resource for your outdoor adventures while vegan. If there is a topic you’d like me to write about, please let me know via email or in the comments. And as always, if you are a vegan hiker, I want to hear from you!!

In the meantime, new visitors please take the time to read through older posts. Here in the Northeast United States, in New England, spring is finally here and it feels great. Time to hit the trail.



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