Technically Vegan Part 2

During a thru-hike, you will be carrying an insatiable appetite with you into every town. As we got closer to our next resupply we couldn’t help but talk about where and what we wanted to eat when we got to town. Needless to say, we often went straight for the Pizza Hut hoping to make it in time for their all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Most of the other folks dining would have a couple slices of pizza and a drink. But when thru-hikers show up, each of us could easily down a whole pie. Plus, there’s a salad bar.

Having not eaten in one of these places since I was a kid, I was skeptical when we first went, but then discovered that you can request pizzas for the buffet. I would make a request for a pizza with lots of veggies and no cheese. The first time I did it, I would just take a few slices at a time back to our table. Every other visit, I would just bring the whole pie to my seat…

The general agreement amongst the vegan blog world is that the “Thin & Crispy” style crust is vegan, while the regular crust is not. I think it’s safe (read: vegan) to get this style crust with veggies and no cheese.

Apparently there has been controversy surrounding the ingredients that this company uses. Natural? Not natural? There have been no recent disclosures. The company provides an ingredients page on their website that shows some wholly unhelpful images of food and no actual information. However, they do have a page of allergen information. There is also an old pdf (last updated in 2006) that has ingredients, though I can’t find anything more current.

For your information: Pizza Hut, formerly owned by PepsiCo, is now owned by Yum! Brands, a huge corporation that also owns KFC and Taco Bell.

Here we are again: chasing another big chain restaurant for vegan options (I much prefer cooking for myself, and I hate big corporations).

Sometimes, along the Appalachian Trail, we eat where is most accessible.

Check out Part 1 about those ubiquitous, tasty, and technically vegan cookies.


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