Olive oil makes any meal better

Most thru-hikers lose weight on the trail. Some people lose ten or fifteen pounds, others lose thirty or forty. It happens, and not everyone has that much to lose. For a vegan hiker it’s important to be extra conscious of your calories. Most non-vegan hikers eat lots of super dense food like cheese or packaged meat. For vegans, it’s a bit harder to find those kinds of rich foods (except for peanut butter!).

One tablespoon of olive oil has over one hundred calories and thirteen grams of fat.

I had read about people carrying olive oil on the trail before I started, and was tempted enough to give it a try. I bought an eight ounce bottle (weight: one ounce) and filled it with olive oil. It was great! I added a healthy splash to every dinner. It added some nice flavor and a calorie boost. It definitely helped with flavor in the beginning of my hike when I was eating couscous and beans every night…

I found that almost every grocery store carried eight ounce bottles of olive oil, often a store brand that cost between two and three bucks. I would pour it into my bottle, which had a much more secure lid.

This is just one more little trick that helped me stay vegan, stay healthy, and power through a successful thru-hike.


2 thoughts on “Olive oil makes any meal better

  1. Yep, olive oil is always in my pack. I shed weight like cat fur in the summer. Even on a short hike, I need mucho calories. I haven’t had a bottle with a good seal, so I’ve always been paranoid it will spill. So I’ve put the bottle in my cup and made sure the cup is upright in the pack. However, I clicked the “bottle” link in your post–and, viola!–just what I need.

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