A call for submissions!

It seems that we have had a small spike in hits recently, so I wanted to put out a call for submissions on the topic of backpacking vegan! If you have completed a thru-hike, are currently hiking, or have other experience with long distance vegan hiking, please consider writing something! It can be one paragraph or as much as you feel like writing. We’ll post it under the Community page. Sent it to backpackingvegan@gmail.com. Thanks!



2 thoughts on “A call for submissions!

  1. I’m planning to vegan thru-hike the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) this July! I’ve been reading through your blog for inspiration and tips. Thanks!

    1. Fantastic! I haven’t heard of that trail, but it looks great! So glad you found the blog useful, and I’d love to hear how it went afterwards! Happy trails

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